Executive Overview

Executive Overview

Executive Overview

Intel IT plays a pivotal role in providing the solutions and services that are accelerating Intel’s digital transformation. In this report, Intel IT describes transforming how Intel’s businesses run and grow, advancing Intel’s products and services in the market, increasing workforce productivity, strengthening Intel’s security culture, and promoting an engaged and innovative workforce. ...

We are accomplishing these goals through the use of advanced analytics, emerging data center technologies, and cloud-based solutions and services. A few examples show how we are converting innovation to business value. A new, customer-centric experience, based on connected sales and marketing data and unified business processes, is boosting customer satisfaction and generated more than USD 500 million in new revenue. Machine learning has enabled us to increase business velocity and product quality, cutting about 39 weeks off time to market. Incorporating predictive analytics across the enterprise has transformed our IT environment and created USD 656 million in business value.

New and exciting opportunities exist for IT to continue to accelerate Intel’s transformation by optimizing our end-to-end business processes through key digital technologies and platforms. Intel IT contributed significantly to Intel’s record USD 59.5 billion in revenue in 2016; in 2017, we will continue to raise the bar for Intel IT to provide better leadership in driving innovation, operational improvements, and workforce productivity that will unlock more business growth for Intel. By sharing Intel IT’s digital transformation story—our successes, challenges, and plans for improvement, we aim to help other business leaders and IT organizations digitally transform their own companies.

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