Intel® AFS and Digital Twins: Optimizing Factory Performance

Today, the ever-increasing technological capabilities of computers equipped with high performance processors mean we can digitize the concept of modeling, raising it to new, dynamic levels. Now, instead of simple physical replicas, we can build Digital Twins (DTs)—data sets that simulate not only the physical attributes of entities (such as shape, color, and size) but also more abstract characteristics (such as strength, elasticity, conductivity, and many more). Plus, once created, Digital Twins of different objectives can be combined into Digital Twin systems, their behavior mimicking that of their real-world counterparts. That behavior can be recorded, analyzed, tested, and revised cyclically. Intel® Automated Factory Solutions is a suite of products that embody the experience Intel has gained implementing Digital Twins. Designed specifically for high-end technical manufacturers, these products are custom-fit to meet each customer’s unique operational challenges.