Exploring the Rise of Ultrabook™ 2-in-1 Device Usage at Intel

Exploring the Rise of Ultrabook™ 2-in-1 Device Usage at Intel

Exploring the Rise of Ultrabook™ 2-in-1 Device Usage at Intel

Since 2013, 2-in-1 devices have been a standard offering for Intel’s PC refresh cycle. Intel IT anticipated that 2-in-1s could increase employee productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and satisfy employee preference for touch-enabled devices. Beginning with 1,500 employees in Intel’s manufacturing environment, 2-in-1 usage has expanded to nearly 15,000 employees across the enterprise. ...

We recently evaluated how well 2-in-1 devices are working for Intel employees. Our findings show that for certain employee populations, 2-in-1 devices provide significant benefits over other types of devices.

The study revealed that employees in the sales and marketing groups and other highly mobile employees particularly benefited from the flexibility of 2-in-1s. Mainly concerned with consuming and sharing content from multiple data sources, these employees were more likely to value tablet mode and touch capabilities, to consider the 2 in 1 laptop mode equivalent to a standard laptop, and to choose a 2-in-1 for their next refresh. Two-thirds of all participants considered 2-in-1s easy to use, and, overall, employees were as satisfied with their 2-in-1 as they were with other devices they used.

As previous Intel IT studies have shown, “one size does not fit all” when it comes to technology. Therefore, we believe in the importance of offering multiple technology choices, enabling employees to select the best device for their jobs and ways of working to maximize productivity. We will continue to offer the 2-in-1 as a refresh option for those who prefer its unique flexibility, portability, and touch capabilities.

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