AI: In Production for Safety and Security

AI at the edge enables more data for predictive analytics and model-driven decision support, pairing in-camera video analytics and deep learning capabilities.

Success Stories

Agent Vi Computer Vision-Based Surveillance Solutions

Intel’s portfolio of vision products boosts the performance of Agent Video Intelligence Ltd.’s (Agent Vi) cutting-edge computer vision-based surveillance solutions.

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AnyVision Enhances AI Capabilities

Intel’s robust portfolio of vision products helps AnyVision enhance AI capabilities at the edge while reducing cloud processing and hosting costs.

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AxxonSoft Delivers FIFA World Cup Security Platform

The Axxon Intellect PSIM* platform, powered by Intel® Vision Products, was the basis for an integrated video surveillance system designed to meet the monitoring needs across diverse World Cup sites.

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Genetec Transforms Public Safety

Intel’s robust portfolio of vision products helps boost the performance of Genetec’s cutting-edge visual data monitoring and analytics software.

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AI in Action for Safety and Security

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