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Intel’s digital and mobile solutions improve clinical performance and engagement across the continuum of care for a better experience among clinical teams and patients.

Intel’s technology streamlines clinical workflows for every size and type of organization so staff can meet their patient and colleagues where they are—for more effective collaboration.

Better Coordination and Collaboration is the Antidote to Unrelenting Complexity

Today, medicine is more complex than ever and requires greater coordination among those providing care. To have the greatest impact, organizations must integrate collaboration into providers’ daily workflow. Successful organizations will meet people where they are—and it’s not at their desks. Eighty percent of employees who typically work on employer premises also frequently work away from their desks.1

Give Patients and Clinicians What They Need: Secure, Seamless, Mobile Connection to Each Other and Data

Finding and implementing the right technology to support collaborative care is what will make this transformation successful in healthcare. Providers can also collaborate on complex cases in real-time, presenting patient charts and images on large screens over wired and wireless networks, or simply by having a clear understanding of what’s been done and is recommended by a peer.

Discover how Intel solutions and platform capabilities help healthcare providers securely communicate and collaborate so that they can refocus their time and resources on what’s really important—their patients.

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Make Healthcare Work for Patients and Clinicians

Technology has long delivered value to businesses outside of healthcare. And Intel has been a leader in solving business problems with technology that improve collaboration. Leaning on this expertise, Intel is helping make collaborative care a reality for healthcare providers.

Physicians can simply grab a tablet, and on the way to the patient room, review data to develop a care plan.

Care teams can remotely present, view, and interact with content to aid in better patient care and management. When they need to share information, Intel Unite® software allows care teams to connect and display to projectors and screens over wired and wireless networks.

Prowess Consulting tests show that devices powered by Intel® processors outperform zero clients for healthcare tasks.

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How Intel’s Collaborative Care Solutions Benefit Your Organization

Our solutions leverage an innovative software solution that seamlessly integrates multiple hospital IT systems onto one high-performance technology platform, ultimately creating a real-time, interoperable health system.


Seamlessly integrate multiple hospital IT systems onto one high-performance technology platform with innovative software solutions.

IT Departments

Leverage the technology you need to lead a real-time, interoperable health system. Multi-factor authentication allows IT to improve the security of the PC by implementing multiple hardened factors that both improve the security of the system and improve ease of use for the user.

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Intel and Mobile Technology Improving Healthcare

Mobile Technology Improves Patient Care and Clinical Workflow

Intel®-based mobile technology streamlines workflow to improve clinical efficiency, security, and patient satisfaction without compromising quality of care.

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Healthcare Transformation with 2 in 1s in the Workplace

See how healthcare workers at Front Porch are using Intel® processor-based 2 in 1s to work more efficiently, improve patient engagement, and deliver high-quality care.

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Telehealth on the Rise: The New Normal for Patient Care

Telehealth is on the rise thanks to devices based on Intel® technology and patient portals that facilitate remote home care and proactive health management.

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Product and Performance Information

1CEB IT Impact Report: Five Key Findings on Driving Employee Productivity Q1 2014.