What Is a Panel PC?

As factories, hospitals, and other workplaces become more connected and digital, panel PCs provide workers—from factory managers to neurosurgeons—with a simpler method for viewing data, assessing conditions, and optimizing outcomes.

As opposed to a traditional PC system composed of disparate components such as a monitor, computer case, keyboard, and mouse, panel PCs combine all the essential elements into a single contained device. Users interact with these machines primarily through touchscreen interfaces.

Intel helps power panel PC innovation through processing, networking, and management technologies. We work with our broad ecosystem to unlock powerful use cases across all industries—and provide the expert guidance and tools required to create intuitive, reliable, and accelerated software solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

A panel PC is a self-contained touchscreen computer. It combines all of the essential components of a traditional PC with an integrated touchscreen display that removes the need for a keyboard and mouse. Panel PCs can be placed flexibly throughout a variety of environments, making them valuable tools for enabling data-driven operations across industries. Embedded panel PCs are integrated directly into manufacturing equipment.

In the manufacturing sector, industrial panel PCs are used to provide operators with intuitive management dashboards for plant processes, at-a-glance views of KPIs, data visualization tools, and data sharing capabilities. They’re a critical element for realizing the full potential of connected operations and data-driven Industry 4.0 strategies. Rugged panel PCs can be deployed in hazardous areas.

In a healthcare context, panel PCs are used to provide staff with easy access to patient records and other medical data. They’re placed in rooms, in offices, and on mobile carts to facilitate easy interaction with data and systems. They’re also used to enable patient/provider videoconferencing and enrich in-person interactions with multimedia capabilities.