Water Restoration in Texas

To support Intel’s commitment to achieve net positive water use, Intel has funded this water restoration project to support Texas’ water resources.

Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Project

Location: Colorado River Basin, Texas

Implementation Partner: TreeFolks

Estimated Restoration Benefit10.2 million gallons/year (MGY)

Project Status: Initiated in 2020

Project Description: Healthy riparian forested areas provide natural water quality improvements by filtering pollutants, shading streams and stabilizing streambanks, as well as wildlife habitat and carbon sequestration. Many historically forested areas in Travis County, Texas have been degraded by grazing and become barren or overgrown with invasive species. This project supports the planting and maintenance of healthy trees on approximately 4 acres through the Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program, in collaboration with landowners and the City of Austin. 

Product and Performance Information

1The restoration benefit represents an estimation based on the expected outcome of each project. After each project is completed, the restoration benefit will be reviewed and updated as needed.