Toward a New Era of Shared Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to positive global impact is embedded in our purpose to create technology that enriches the life of every person on earth.

Intel Commits to Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Its Global Operations by 2040

We have set goals to reduce the value chain footprint and catalyze industry-wide action to address climate change.


We are building on our long history as a leader in corporate citizenship to further advance safety, wellness, and responsible business practices across our global manufacturing operations, our value chain, and beyond.


We are advancing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in our global workforce, and advocating for public policies and laws that combat discrimination and inequities impacting our employees and our communities.


Driving to the lowest possible environmental footprint as we grow helps us create efficiencies and respond to the needs of our stakeholders.


We are committed to creating a better world through the power of our technology and the expertise and passion of our employees.