Hardware, Software and End-to-End Solutions

Intel products, technologies, and ecosystem solutions help OEMs/ODMs/SIs meet their customer needs (cost/performance compute, security, manageability, connectivity), leading to higher end-customer satisfaction and therefore, improved profitability. Intel design resources help OEMs/ODMs/SIs reduce development effort (prototype, develop, and validate) leading to faster time to market and lower development costs. 

Intel® Solutions for Healthcare and Medical Devices

Intel® IoT Gateways

The Intel® IoT Gateway connects medical devices and secures data flow between devices and the cloud.

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Intel® IoT Platform

Turn massive data stores into actionable insight by using this reference model to seamlessly and securely connect devices to the cloud.

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Solutions from our Ecosystem Partners

Connect with Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance members to help speed development, cut costs, and eliminate design roadblocks to get to market faster. Check out solutions supporting healthcare applications offered by our alliance partners. Search by your application or market segment.

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