Empowering Learning and Teaching with the Right Solutions

From achieving school standards to leading students to success in a modern society, education environments around the globe are facing some of their most difficult challenges yet. Intel’s comprehensive approach to creating successful learning environments will help guide you from the assessment of your learning environment to the selection of the right devices—helping you pave the way to student success.

Assess Your Learning Environment

Asking the right questions will help you select the optimal devices that meet your learning needs. A comprehensive assessment of your education environment, manageability and functionality needs, and cost considerations can help you identify the right device for learning and teaching today and into the future.

Resources to Guide Your Assessment

Tips for Choosing the Right Device

A list of questions to help guide your comprehensive evaluation of your environment, manageability and functionality needs, and cost considerations.

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Recommendations by Age

This guide explores technology usage scenarios by age and offers advice on which devices are best suited for teaching and learning needs.

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Balancing Screen Time and Learning

This brief explores the benefits and risks to screen time usage and current recommendations on screen time from the American Pediatric Association (APA).

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Digital Pens and Touch Screens

This brief provides insights into the key benefits of digitized pens and how students and educators benefit from digital pens and touch screens across the curriculum.

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Choose the Right Technology for Learning and Teaching

Whether your classroom calls for rugged, mobile, sleek, or stationary, our range of classroom-ready technology is designed with students - and teachers - in mind.

Success Stories

Improving Student Engagement and Learning

The 1TWO1 initiative at Richland County School District 2 harnesses Chromebooks to personalize learning, make learning authentic and foster collaboration.

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Bringing Flexibility and Mobility to Learning

Pasadena ISD’s 1:1 program is encouraging personalized learning where children learn at their own pace and teachers use data to guide progress.

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The Power of One Device

As an initiative to empower teachers and foster personalized learning, the Houston schools are harnessing the power of 1:1 to bring modern skills to its students.

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Overcoming Edtech Barriers

Challenged by seemingly impossible technology barriers, Aleutia brings Intel®-based solar-powered PCs and the opportunities of a digital education to students across Africa.

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Need Help?

Intel® Education IT advisors work with you to help solve IT challenges in education.