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Learn how new teaching methods and strategies can help students stay focused and engaged during class, especially in virtual and remote learning environments.

Active Learning

Active learning is one of many effective teaching strategies that encourage students to fully participate in their learning. When teachers implement technology with active learning in the classroom, students become more engaged, collaborative, and productive. By using technology as part of everyday class work, homework, and projects, students develop the skills for innovation that will eventually help drive them toward higher education and prepare them for the jobs of the future.

Active Learning: Introduction and Strategies for Teachers

With active learning, teachers can achieve their curriculum goals and—through the immersive nature of technology—improve their students’ collaborative, creative, and critical thinking skills.

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Intel Unite® Solution Promotes Active Learning

Monticello Central School District in New York was able to support seamless, real-time collaboration and active learning in the classroom by choosing the easily managed and secure Intel Unite® solution.

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The New Way of Learning

Presented by Intel VP Joe Jensen and other IOTG and education executives, this webinar discusses technology’s role in education, examining the best practices, case studies, and use cases of digital education inside and outside of the United States.

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Teaching for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Generation

Ongoing professional development empowers teachers for educational transformation, giving them the skills and tools they need for the new learning environment. Intel has assembled a collection of guides, lesson plans, and toolkits for teachers to set them and their students up for success, no matter where teaching takes place.

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Remote Learning

Remote learning is steadily becoming normalized in the education sector. With effective teaching methods, the right mindsets, and provided tools, school administrators, parents, and educators can deliver the best interactive learning experience for their students.

Planning for Blended and Virtual Learning

Connectivity and device selections directly affect teaching outcomes in virtual and blended learning environments, especially for those who don’t have access to technological resources. This report examines the challenges teachers and administrators must consider when planning for blended and virtual learning.

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Parents’ Guide to Remote Learning

Keeping a child engaged with their schoolwork while at home can be challenging, regardless of what schools can offer in remote learning. This guide provides resources, instructional strategies, and solutions for parents who have students who are learning remotely.

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Educator’s Guide to E-Learning

Intel understands that remote teaching is difficult, which is why we developed this teacher guide that addresses strategies and tools for adapting teaching approaches to the virtual environment as well as how to leverage technology to keep students engaged while meeting curriculum goals.

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Game-Based Learning

Esports is a form of game-based learning that’s making leeway as an extracurricular activity. High schools across the nation are adopting competitive esports programs, allowing students to participate in activities during remote learning as well as help them possibly gain scholarships.

Esports in K‒12 Education

As an online, competitive extracurricular activity, esports teaches students important lessons on teamwork and leadership and helps them develop skills in strategic thinking, problem solving, and resilience in addition to technical and computing skills. Esports participants have also shown improved grades in school and higher self-esteem.

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California School District Offers Competitive Esports

Fresno Unified, California’s third-largest school district, capitalized on the growing popularity of the esports industry by setting up a full-scale, competitive esports team, benefitting students with life lessons and potential college scholarships.

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Introduction to Esports

Thinking about starting an esports team at your school district? This elaborate guide goes over how to set up a team, the impact of competitive esports, and which hardware options and spaces fit your needs.

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Smart Classroom and Devices

In order for students to learn effectively, educators should embrace technology and technological programs that are designed for personalization, equality, and efficiency. With smart devices—such as the ViewBoard—transforming education inside and outside of the classroom, teachers are able to customize and standardize their students’ learning environment, preparing them to become the next generation of innovators.

Creating Collaborative Classrooms

No longer restricted by traditional in-class tools like blackboards and projectors, innovative technology enables teachers to create a student-centered, collaborative environment. By taking advantage of the current digital age, educators can transform their teaching approaches to prepare their students for a modern, tech-driven world.

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ViewBoard Reimagines the Classroom for Anywhere Learning

Computing company ViewSonic teamed with Intel to create a new solution for remote learning: the ViewBoard. Powered by Intel Unite® and Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, the digital whiteboard provides the ability to prepare, present, and connect with students from anywhere.

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How to Choose the Right Device

Selecting the right device is paramount for an active learning environment, especially when educators teach projects or programs that use technology in their curricula. Whether students are receiving their education online, at home, or both, they will need the best-fit device for their academic needs.

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