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Intel® Learn Program

Empowering youth around the world

The Intel® Learn Program is an informal and engaging educational program designed to develop the technology skills of young learners in developing countries. The program uses creative, technology-based projects to tap into children’s interest in their own communities, and helps them build the skills they need to create solutions.

Intel Learn is comprised of three units:

  • Technology and Community
  • Technology at Work
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship

A trained community center staff member guides young learners through activities in a series of two-hour sessions. Each session is divided into action-oriented sections: “Plan It,” “Do It,” “Review It,” and “Share It,” each of which helps develop technical and critical-thinking skills.

Students then work together to collect information, analyze it, and present it to fellow learners, families, and community leaders.

Technology and Community

The Technology and Community curriculum uses activities and projects to show students how they can use technology to contribute to their communities. This curriculum teaches the following skills:

  • Word processing
  • Graphics
  • Spreadsheets
  • Multimedia
  • Internet search

Technology at Work

Technology at Work demonstrates how computers are used in a variety of jobs and careers. As students work on their projects, their use of application software and the Internet becomes increasingly sophisticated. Projects range from healthcare survey designs to the kind of project management plan that a local engineer might create.

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Technology and Entrepreneurship introduces the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and shows how technology can be used to advance a business idea. Here, students use Internet tools and office applications to research and formulate an idea. When they’re ready, they create and present a business plan.

Intel® Learn Program