Application Performance Snapshot User Guide for Linux* OS

ID 772048
Date 11/07/2023

MPI Time per Rank

Key:-t [--mpi-time-per-rank]

This chart shows the time each rank spent in MPI operations.


| MPI Time per Rank
| Rank    LifeTime(sec)     MPITime(sec)       MPITime(%)
  0001           482964           396396          82.0756
  0000           477183           387175          81.1378
| TOTAL          960146           783571          81.6095
| AVG            480073           391785          81.6095

Chart Entries

Rank Rank number
LifeTime(sec) Total execution time of the rank (in seconds)
MPITime(sec) Time spent in MPI functions (in seconds)
MPITime(%) Percentage of the MPI time in the application lifetime
TOTAL Total values for the LifeTime(sec) and MPITime(sec) columns, average value for the MPITime(%) column
AVG Average values for all columns