Application Performance Snapshot User Guide for Linux* OS

ID 772048
Date 11/07/2023

Detailed Analyses

Use detailed reports of Application Performance Snapshot to dive into deeper details regarding the performance of your application.

In addition to the summary report, Application Performance Snapshot (APS) includes a number of detailed reports that provide more insight into both hardware and MPI metrics:

  • The Common Analyses section describes reports that are applicable for both MPI-based and non-MPI applications.
  • The MPI Analyses section describes MPI-specific reports.

Most reports in both sections support filtering by rank, for example:

aps --report --rank 0

or by node, for example:

aps --report –node=localhost,test123

If both --node and --rank options are used, --node has no effect.

See the Common Analyses and MPI Analyses sections to learn more about the report types provided by APS.