Intel® FPGA AI Suite: PCIe-based Design Example User Guide

ID 768977
Date 7/03/2023

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6.3.3. BSP Driver

The Intel FPGA AI Suite runtime MMD software uses a driver supplied as part of the BSP to access and interact with the FPGA device.

The source files for the driver are in runtime/coredla_device/mmd. The source files contain classes for managing and accessing the FPGA device by using BSP functions for reading/writing to CSR, reading/writing to DDR, and handling kernel interrupts.

BSP Driver for the Intel® Arria® 10 Design Example

The Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA uses OPAE software libraries as its BSP driver.

To compile the Intel FPGA AI Suite runtime library and run the demonstration application on the Intel PAC board, you must have the OPAE software libraries installed on the machine according to the installation instructions under Section 4 - Installing the OPAE Software Package of the Intel Acceleration Stack Quick Start Guide.

BSP Driver for the Intel Agilex® 7 Design Example

Contact your Intel representative for information on the driver for the Terasic DE10-Agilex board support package.