FPGA AI Suite: Getting Started Guide

ID 768970
Date 3/29/2024
Document Table of Contents

4. Installing the FPGA AI Suite Compiler and IP Generation Tools

This section describes how to install the FPGA AI Suite compiler (dla_compiler command) and IP Generation Tools.

If you want to use the PCIe-based design example, ensure that you have met the prerequisites outlined in Installing the FPGA AI Suite PCIe-Based Design Example Prerequisites before you follow the instructions in this section.

To install the FPGA AI Suite compiler and IP generation tools:
Tip: The steps here outline the installation process. You can follow the remaining parts of this section in sequence without returning to this topic to complete your installation.
  1. Review Supported FPGA Families to ensure that your target FPGA device is supported.
  2. Ensure that your system meets the operating system requirements as outlined in Operating System Prerequisites.
  3. Install FPGA AI Suite .
    Tip: If you want to install FPGA AI Suite in a location other than the default directory, follow the instructions in Installing the FPGA AI Suite Into an Alternative Location.
  4. Install OpenVINO™ Toolkit.
  5. Install Quartus® Prime Pro Edition .
    Important: Quartus® Prime Pro Edition is required for the FPGA AI Suite design examples. Otherwise, Quartus® Prime Pro Edition is an optional component.
  6. Set the required environment variables.
  7. If you are using Ubuntu* 18 or Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 8.7, install Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks.
  8. Finalize your installation by verifying that FPGA AI Suite commands run correctly.