Intel® FPGA AI Suite: Getting Started Guide

ID 768970
Date 9/06/2023

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6.1. Creating a Working Directory

This tutorial requires a writeable working directory that contains a copy of the example runtime and the demonstration files.

If you want to use ~/coredla_work/ as your working directory, run the following commands:
mkdir ~/coredla_work
cd ~/coredla_work
The script does the following tasks:
  • Sets COREDLA_WORK environment variable to point at working directory.
  • Creates a locally writeable copy of the runtime directory.
  • Creates a locally writeable copy of the demo directory.
To re-enter this work directory after opening a new shell, source the OpenVINO script and the Intel® FPGA AI Suite script, as described in Setting Required Environment Variables. Then, run the following commands:
cd ~/coredla_work
source ./