AN 953: Partially Reconfiguring a Design: on an Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA Development Board

ID 683849
Date 1/30/2024

Step 6: Compiling the Base Revision

  1. To compile the base revision, click Processing > Start Compilation. Alternatively, the following command compiles the base revision:
    quartus_sh --flow compile  blinking_led -c blinking_led
  2. Inspect the bitstream files that generate in the output_files directory.
    Table 4.  Generated Files
    Name Type Description
    blinking_led.sof Base programming file Used for full-chip base configuration
    blinking_led.pr_partition.rbf PR bitstream file for base persona Used for partial reconfiguration of base persona.
    blinking_led_static.qdb .qdb database file Finalized database file used to import the static region.