Generic Nios II Booting Methods User Guide

ID 683820
Date 5/24/2016

1.5.4. Nios II Processor Application Copied from CFI Flash to RAM Using Boot Copier

Using the boot copier to copy a Nios II processor application from CFI flash to internal or external RAM for execution helps to improve the execution performance.

The Nios II SBT tool automatically adds the Nios II processor memcpy-based boot copier to the system when the executable file (.elf) is converted to one of the following:
  • SREC image (*.flash), if you are using Nios II flash programming method
  • Memory initialization file (.hex), if you are using the Quartus Prime programming method

The boot copier is located at the base address of the image or file, followed by the application.

For this boot option, the Nios II processor starts executing the boot copier software upon system reset. The software copies the application from the CFI flash to the internal or external RAM. Once this is complete, the Nios II processor transfers the program control over to the application.

Note: Quartus Prime and Nios II Flash programming flow is briefly described in Nios II Booting General Flow diagram.