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Date 5/08/2017

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1.3.3. Vector Translate Function

The vector translate function is an extension of the atan2 function. It outputs the magnitude of the input vector and the angle a=atan2(y,x).
Figure 3. Vector Translate Function

The function takes inputs x and y and outputs a=atan2(y, x) and M = K( x 2+y 2)0.5. M is the magnitude of the input vector v=(x,y) T , scaled by a CORDIC specific constant that converges to 1.646760258121, which is transcendental, hence has no fixed value. The functions supports two configurations, depending on the sign attribute of x and y:

  • If the inputs are signed, the formats give the allowed input range. In this configuration the output range for a is[ π,+π]. The output range for M depends on the input range of x and y, according with the magnitude formula.
  • If the inputs are unsigned, the IP core restricts the output value for a [0,+π/2]. The magnitude value still depends on the formula.