AN 713: DC Coupling in Stratix V Devices

ID 683790
Date 8/10/2015

1.1.4. Stratix V PCML Receiver to Another Altera PCML Transmitter

Table 2.  Recommended Transmitter Common Mode Voltages for other Altera PCML Transmitters
Transmitter Transmitter Common Mode Voltage DC-Coupling 2
Stratix IV GX, GS, GT 0.65 V Supported.
Stratix II GX 0.6 V or 0.7 V Supported. Set TX common mode voltage value to 0.7 V.
Arria V GX, GT 0.7 V Supported.
Arria V GZ 0.65 V Supported.
Arria II GX, GZ 0.65 V Supported.
Arria GX 0.58 V Supported.
Cyclone V GX, GT 0.65 V Supported.
Cyclone IV GX 0.65 V Supported.
2 Stratix V receiver common mode voltage can be set to 0.6 V, 0.7 V, or 0.75 V depending on the VCCR_GXB and bandwidth settings. Refer to Stratix V Device Datasheet for more details.

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