5G LDPC-V Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683670
Date 7/19/2021

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3.2. Generating a 5G LPDC-V IP

To include the IP in a design, generate the IP in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. Or optionally, you can generate a design example that includes the generated 5G LDPC-V IP, a C model, a MATLAB model, simulation scripts, and test data. The software generates no hardware example in Generate Example Design.
  1. Create a New Intel® Quartus® Prime project
  2. Open IP Catalog.
  3. Select DSP > Error Detection and Correction > 5G LDPC-V and click Add
  4. Enter a name for your IP variant and click Create.
    Figure 4. IP Variant File Name
    The name is for both the top-level RTL module and the corresponding .ip file.
    The parameter editor for this IP appears.
  5. Choose your parameters.
    Table 6.  5G LDPC-V Parameters
    Parameter Name Values Description

    Rx chain

    Tx chain

    Select between receiver or transmitter.
    LLR_W (receiver only)



    Input LLR bitwidth.

    LLR_W=5, gives 3 integral bits and 2 fractional bits, i.e. a range of [-4.0, 3.75]

    LLR_W=6, gives 4 integral bits and 2 fractional bits, i.e. a range of [-8.0, 7.75]


    (receiver only)



    The number of decoders that the IP builds.

    (receiver only)




    The maximum lifting factor for the packet that the second decoder can process. Only valid when NUM_DECODERS is to 2
    Figure 5. 5G LDPC Parameter Editor
  6. For an optional design example, click Generate Example Design
    The software creates a design example of the transmitter or receiver.
    Figure 6. Design Example Directory Structure
  7. Click Generate HDL.
Intel® Quartus® Prime generates the RTL and the files necessary to instantiate the IP in your design and synthesize it.