L-Tile and H-Tile Avalon® Memory-mapped Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683667
Date 4/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents Read Data Mover

The Read Data module sends memory read TLPs. It writes the completion data to an external Avalon-MM interface through the high throughput Read Master port. This data mover operates on descriptors the IP core receives from the DMA Descriptor Controller.

Note: Completion TLPs for the Read Data Mover are restricted to a data payload of up to 256 bytes.

The Read DMA Avalon-MM Master interface performs the following functions:

1. Provides the Descriptor Table to the Descriptor Controller

The Read Data Mover sends PCIe* system memory read requests to fetch the descriptor table from PCIe* system memory. This module then writes the returned descriptor entries in to the Descriptor Controller FIFO using this Avalon-MM interface.

2. Writes Data to Memory Located in Avalon-MM Space

After a DMA Read finishes fetching data from the source address in PCIe* system memory, the Read Data Mover module writes the data to the destination address in Avalon-MM address space via this interface.

Table 29.  Read DMA 256-Bit Avalon-MM Master Interface

Signal Name





When asserted, indicates that the Read DMA module is ready to write read completion data to a memory component in the Avalon-MM address space.



Specifies the write address in the Avalon-MM address space for the read completion data.



The read completion data to be written to the Avalon-MM address space.



Specifies the burst count in 256-bit words. This bus is 5 bits for the 256-bit interface.



Specifies which DWORDs are valid.



When asserted, indicates that the memory is not ready to receive data.

Figure 39. Read DMA Avalon-MM Master Writes Data to FPGA Memory