AN 464: DFT/IDFT Reference Design

ID 683644
Date 5/30/2018

Running the Fixed-Point Model for the DFT/IDFT Reference Design

The fixed-point MATLAB model allows fast bit-accurate simulation of the design’s arithmetic behavior. The model is as a MATLAB function dft_3p3r_model() and is defined in the file dft_3p3rmodel.m. This top- level file and the sub-function MATLAB files are in the /model directory. Intel provides a MATLAB example that calls the model in file simple_dft_example.m
  1. Open the MATLAB software.
  2. Change the directory to /model.
  3. Type the following command: simple_dft_example
  4. Open the results file and examine the data.
    The results file is: <DFT type>_length<length>_data<D_top>bit_tw<T_top>bit_rand<seed>.txt

The simple_dft_example.m file defines the parameters.