Intel® FPGA Software Installation and Licensing

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Date 7/08/2024
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Answers to Top FAQs

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 24.2

Where can I find hardware and disk requirements?

Determining Hardware Requirements

How to download Intel FPGA software?

Downloading Intel FPGA Software

Where can I find device support files?

Downloading Device Support

How to get Questa*-Intel FPGA Software License?

Questa*-Intel FPGA Software License

How to get Intel FPGA software or IP license?

Requesting a License from the SSLC

How to manage Intel FPGA software licenses?

Using the Intel FPGA SSLC

How to troubleshoot software license files?

Intel FPGA Software License Troubleshooter

How to get Installation and Licensing support?

Intel FPGA Licensing Support Center