Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer: User Guide

ID 683448
Date 4/19/2023

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3. Tutorial: PCI Express* 8GT

This tutorial uses Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer to run a link simulation. This example and its associated channel models are provided with the Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer distribution. The configuration file Demo.jne (included in the software distribution) contains the same link topology and a majority of the link settings discussed in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, a link that approximates a typical PCI Express* 8GT system with an Intel Stratix® V GX transmitter and a generic PCI Express* 8GT receiver is built and simulated in Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer. The following figure shows the link topology.

Note: This link configuration and simulation are for demonstration purposes. It is not intended for actual implementation. Consult Intel design guidelines for actual high-speed link design and implementation.
Figure 194. Example of PCI Express* 8GT Link Topology