AN 742: PMBus SmartVID Controller Reference Designs

ID 683352
Date 5/08/2017

1. PMBus SmartVID Controller Reference Designs

The PMBus* SmartVID Controller reference designs show you how to interface the SmartVID Controller IP core with the Power Management Bus or PMBus control system.

The reference designs demonstrate the following modes: PMBus Master, PMBus Slave, and PMBus Multi-Master.

The PMBus is an open standard protocol that provides a way to communicate with power conversion and other devices. In this reference design, the PMBus system is in accordance to the PMBus Specification revision 1.2.

Figure 1. PMBus SmartVID Controller Reference DesignThe figure shows a high-level block diagram of the reference designs.

The PMBus SmartVID Controller reference design consists of both conduit and Avalon Memory-Mapped (Avalon-MM) interfaces.

  • The SmartVID Controller IP core and the PMBus controller connect through a conduit signal interface.
  • The PMBus controller and the Nios II processor communicate using the Avalon® -MM interface.