O-RAN Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683238
Date 2/01/2024

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3.4. O-RAN IP Streaming Mode

Enable by specifying Maximum Ethernet frame size to 9000.

In streaming mode, provide the packet size for C-plane packets that includes sections or section extension headers and their content. Similarly, provide the packet size for U-plane packets. If you turn on Block Floating-point Compression, the packet size is based on the compressed IQ output data.

The O-RAN IP passes the packet size input to the eCPRI IP for appending into the eCPRI header of the final O-RAN packet.

Figure 18. C-plane packet waveformThe C-plane packet contains 10 sections and 20 section extensions. Therefore, the tx_c_size is 168 (8B common header, 10 sections – 80B, 20 section extensions - 80B).
Figure 19. U-plane packet waveform

The U-plane packet contains two PRBs within single section and therefore the tx_u_size is 104 (2 PRB – 96B, 4B common header, 4B section header without udCompHdr and reserved bytes).