O-RAN Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683238
Date 8/15/2023

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2.1. Obtaining, Installing, and Licensing the O-RAN IP

The O-RAN IP is an extended Intel® FPGA IP that is not included with the Intel® Quartus® Prime release.
  1. Create a My Intel account if you do not have one.
  2. Log in to access the Self-Service Licensing Center (SSLC).
  3. Purchase the O-RAN IP.
  4. On the SSLC page, click Run for the IP.
    The SSLC provides an installation dialog box to guide your installation of the IP.
  5. Install to the same location as Intel® Quartus® Prime folder.
    Table 5.  O-RAN Installation Locations
    Location Software Platform
    <drive>:\intelFPGA_pro\<version>\quartus\ip\altera_cloud Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Windows*
    <home directory>:/intelFPGA_pro/<version>/quartus/ip/altera_cloud Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Linux*
    Figure 3.  O-RAN IP Installation Directory Structure
    The O-RAN Intel FPGA IP now appears in the IP Catalog.