Intel Agilex® 7 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683184
Date 2/23/2024
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1.3. Glossary

Terms Description
Secure Device Manager (SDM) Controller which manages device configuration and security.


Firmware that runs on SDM. Implements various functions including:

  • FPGA configuration data
  • Voltage regulator configuration
  • Temperature measurement
  • HPS software load
  • HPS Reset
  • RSU
  • Device security

Each application image and the factory image have their firmware at offset zero in the image.

Decision firmware SDM firmware used to implement the RSU feature, including identifying and loading the highest priority image. Previous versions of this user guide refer to decision firmware as DCMF. Four identical copies reside in flash, starting at address zero.
Decision firmware data Data structure stored in flash containing the following information used by the decision firmware:
  • Factory load pin location assignment
  • PLL settings for external clock source
  • Quad SPI pin assignments
  • Number of times the SDM attempts to load the same image.

This data structure is populated by the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programming File Generator with the information retrieved from the factory image SOF file.

Decision firmware update image An image that updates the following RSU items in flash:
  • Decision firmware
  • Decision firmware data
Configuration pointer block (CPB) List of application image addresses, in order of priority.
Sub-partition table (SPT) Data structure to facilitate the management of the flash storage.
Slot/Partition Area of flash, defined at image creation time, which can contain an application image or user data.
Application image Configuration bitstream that implements your design.
Factory image The fallback configuration bitstream that the RSU loads when all attempts to load an application image fail.
Initial RSU flash image Contains the factory image, the application images, the decision firmware, and the associated RSU data structures.
Factory update image An image that updates the following RSU-related items in flash:
  • Factory image
  • Decision firmware
  • Decision firmware data