Intel Agilex® 7 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683184
Date 2/23/2024
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2.3. Factory Image Boot

The purpose of the factory image is to provide enough functionality to allow a device whose application images have all been corrupted or replaced with broken application images to obtain a new application image and program that image into QSPI.

Once the factory image is loaded, new application images could be programmed in QSPI to replace the failed ones, from either U-Boot or Linux.

The SDM loads the factory image in the following situations:
  • You assign the function LOADFACTORY to an SDM pin and assert the pin soon after a POR or nCONFIG release.
  • All SDM attempts to load the application images fail.
  • An application image fails configuration, and the direct factory image fallback option is enabled.
  • You request the factory image to be loaded.
  • Decision firmware detects that the decision firmware data is corrupted.
  • Decision firmware detects that both CPBs are corrupted.

When loading the factory image, the configuration system treats it in the same way as it does an application image.