Intel® Agilex™ Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683184
Date 7/13/2022

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C.1.2. rsu_log_level

Various RSU functions output log messages with the help of the rsu_log function. Each message has a log level associated with it, as shown in the table below:

Log Level Description
0 Emergency messages
1 Alert messages
2 Critical messages
3 Error messages
4 Warning messages
5 Notice messages
6 Info messages
7 Debug messages

The rsu_log_level environment variable allows customizing how much logging information is displayed. As long as the message to be displayed has a lower log level than the current rsu_log_level, the message is displayed.

If not defined in the environment, the default value for rsu_log_level is 7, which means all logging messages except the debug messages are displayed.

To enable all log messages, set the rsu_log_level to 8:
SOCFPGA # setenv rsu_log_level 8
To disable all messages, set the rsu_log_level to 0:
SOCFPGA # setenv rsu_log_level 0