AN 498: LED Blink Using Power Sequencing in Altera MAX Series

ID 683151
Date 9/22/2014

1.2. Implementation

The detail description of the implementation is based on the MAX II devices. This application can also be implemented in MAX V and MAX 10 devices.

You can implement the steps in this application note with an EPM240G device, or any other MAX II device, simple external RC circuitry, and a power supply regulator that has shut-down capability. Implementation involves using this example’s source code and allocating the appropriate signal and control lines to the general purpose I/O (GPIO) lines of the MAX II device along with its support circuitry. The demo board MDN-B2 is a board with such support circuitry built-in. An LED on the demo board is made to indicate the power status of the MAX II device. The demo board also facilitates power measurements by allowing measurement of voltage drops across a 1-Ω resistor in series with the MAX II device core power supply.

Table 1.  MAX II Example Implementation
EPM240G Pin Assignments
Signal Pin
power_on_led 69
power_down_inv 12
power_down 14

Unused pins are assigned as input tri-stated in the Quartus II software’s device and pin option settings prior to compilation.

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