AN 498: LED Blink Using Power Sequencing in Altera MAX Series

ID 683151
Date 9/22/2014

1.2.1. Design Notes

To demonstrate this design on the MDN-B2 demo board, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the power to the demo board (using the slide switch SW1).
  2. Download the design to the MAX II device through the JTAG header JP5 on the demo board and a conventional programming cable (ByteBlaster™ II or USB-Blaster™). Keep SW4 on the demo board pressed before and during the start of the programming process. Once complete, turn off the power and remove the JTAG connector.
  3. Switch on power to the demo board (using the slide switch SW1) and observe VCCINT and VCCIOs being cyclically powered down and powered up.
  4. Observe the LEDs D2 glow each time the power to device is restored.
  5. Measure the voltage drops across R52 for the 2.5 V power supply (pads TP1 and TP2) and across R27 for the 1.8 V power supply (pads TP3 and TP4).