System Console and Toolkit Tcl Command Reference Manual

ID 683101
Date 4/01/2024

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2.2.6. _hw.tcl Display Item Type

Name Description
ACTION An action will be displayed as a button in the GUI. When the button is clicked, it will call the callback procedure. The button label will be the display item id.
DIAL A dial widget.
GROUP A group of display items. This group will be a child of the parent_group group. If the parent_group is an empty string, this will be a top-level group.
ICON A .gif, .jpg, or .png file.
LED An LED icon. Contains configurable display hints BACKGROUND_COLOR_LIST and FOREGROUND_COLOR_LIST. The background color defines the LED outline color, and the foreground color defines the LED color.
PARAMETER A parameter in the instance.
TEXT A block of text.