System Console and Toolkit Tcl Command Reference Manual

ID 683101
Date 4/01/2024

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2.2.4. _hw.tcl Display Hint

Name Description
BACKGROUND_COLOR_LIST Used to configure the background color of table columns or LED icons.
BIT_WIDTH Bit width of a number.
BOOLEAN Integer value of either 0 or 1.
COLLAPSED Indicates whether a group is collapsed when initially displayed.
COLUMN If present on a group, the group should be displayed in a top-level column.
COLUMNS Number of columns in text field, for example, "columns:N".
DIAL_MAX Specifies the maximum value displayed by the dial.
DIAL_MIN Specifies the minimum value displayed by the dial.
DIAL_TICK_SIZE Specifies the distance between tick values.
EDITABLE Indicates whether a list of strings allows free-form text entry (editable combo box).
FILE Indicates that the string is an optional file path, for example, "file:jpg,png,gif".
FIXED_SIZE Indicates a fixed size for a table or list.
FOREGROUND_COLOR_LIST Used to configure the foreground color of table columns or LED icons.
GROUP_FINALIZE Group finalizer to explicitly stop adding items to the current tab group or column group to enable adding multiple column groups to the same parent.
GROW If set, the widget can grow when the component is resized.
HAS_LABEL Indicates whether or the parameter has a label .
HEXADECIMAL Indicates that the long integer is hexadecimal.
MONOSPACED_FONT Display text with a fixed width font.
NON_BLOCKING (Deprecated) Boolean to turn off non_blocking behavior.
RADIO Indicates that the range displays as radio buttons.
READ_ONLY_TEXT Indicates if a parameter is read-only. Read-only parameters are displayed as plain text labels.
ROWS Number of rows in text field or visible rows in a table, for example, "rows:N".
SHOW_IN_MENU Determines if the item is displayed in the action menu.
SLIDER Range displays as slider.
TAB If present for a group, the group displays in a tab.
TABLE If present on a group, the group must contain all list-type parameters, which should be shown collectively in a single table.
TEXT String is a text field with a limited character set, for example, "text:A-Za-z0-9_".
VISIBLE (Deprecated) Boolean to determine that the display item will appear in the view.
WIDTH Width of a table column.