System Console and Toolkit Tcl Command Reference Manual

ID 683101
Date 6/26/2023

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2.2.8. _hw.tcl Parameter Properties

Name Description
AFFECTS_ELABORATION Specifies whether the elaborate callback is triggered whenever the parameter's value has changed.
ALLOWED_RANGES Indicates the range or ranges that the parameter value can have. For integers, the ALLOWED_RANGES property is a list of ranges that the parameter can take on, where each range is a single value, or a range of values defined by a start and end value separated by a colon, such as 11:15. This property can also specify legal values and display strings for integers, such as {0:None 1:Monophonic 2:Stereo 4:Quadrophonic} meaning 0, 1, 2, and 4 are the legal values. You can also assign display strings to be displayed in the parameter editor for string variables. For example, ALLOWED_RANGES {"dev1:Cyclone IV GX""dev2:Stratix V GT"}.
ALLOWS_AUTOSWEEP This property, when set to true, marks a parameter as "autosweepable" and enables a parameter to be scanned/swept in the autosweep view. By default, this value is set to true. Parameters with this property set must define the ALLOWED_RANGES property.
ALLOWS_CHARTING This property, when set to true, marks a parameter as chartable and enables it to be used in the dashboard view. By default, this value is set to true.
CHANNEL Associated channel information for a given channel. This property is automatically set by the framework and may only be read using get_parameter_property. set_parameter_property may not be used to set this property.
DEFAULT_VALUE The default value of the parameter.
DESCRIPTION A short user-visible description of the parameter, suitable for a tooltip description in the parameter editor.
DISPLAY_GROUP Defines the hierarchical grouping of parameters displayed in a "Select Parameter" menu. The hierarchy of these is represented by a "/" separated string. Parameters without a defined DISPLAY_GROUP are listed out as a flat list by their DISPLAY_NAME.
DISPLAY_HINT Provides a hint about how to display a property.
DISPLAY_NAME This is the GUI label that appears to the left of this parameter. All display items and parameters in a given channel must have unique display names.
ENABLED When false, the parameter is disabled, meaning that it is displayed but greyed out, indicating that it is not editable on the parameter editor.
EYE_STATISTIC Enables a parameter to be an eye statistic. Eye statistics are captured and displayed in the eye viewer's result table. By default, this property is disabled (false).
GROUP Controls the layout of parameters in the GUI.
QUALITY_COMPARISON_CALLBACK Defines how values of this parameter should be compared, i.e., what is considered as a better or worse value. This property takes in the name of a tcl procedure. When set, this property marks a parameter as a quality metric parameter.
TABLE_COLUMN_ORDER Defines the default column order of parameters. This property takes in a display order value as its argument, which is an integer value greater than or equal to -1. The table column order values of 0 or greater are sorted and arranged in numerical order, starting with the smallest value on the left and larger values to the right. Parameters with matching column order values are then sorted alphabetically with respect to each other. By default, the column order value of a parameter is -1. When parameters with both order values of -1 and >=0 are present in the status table, parameters with an order value of -1 are arranged and sorted alphabetically after all parameters with a non-default column order value.
TABLE_COLUMN_VISIBILITY Indicates whether a parameter column is displayed as part of the status table at the launch of a toolkit. This property is set to true by default. To not display this parameter in the status table by default, configure this property to false.
TYPE The type of this parameter.
UNITS The unit used for this parameter.
VISIBLE Indicates whether or not to display the parameter in the parameterization GUI.