Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Programmer

ID 683039
Date 4/01/2024
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2.4.1. JTAG Chain Debugger Tool

The JTAG Chain Debugger tool allows you to test the JTAG chain integrity and detect intermittent failures of the JTAG chain.

Access the tool by clicking Tools > JTAG Chain Debugger in the Quartus® Prime software.

Figure 33. JTAG Chain Debugger (Using an Arria® 10 GX Development Kit)
The JTAG Chain Debugger has the following panes:

The tool also allows you to shift in JTAG instructions and data through the JTAG interface, and step through the test access port (TAP) controller state machine for debugging purposes.

If the JTAG Chain Debugger Tool GUI is disabled when first you open it, enable the tool by selecting hardware:
  1. In the JTAG Chain Debugger Tool GUI, select Edit > Hardware Setup.
  2. In the Hardware Settings tab of the Hardware Setup window, select a hardware device in the Currently selected hardware field.

    If no hardware is available to select, add hardware by clicking Add Hardware.

Initially, the Device chain pane is empty. To populate the Device chain pane, right-click in the pane and select Test JTAG chain, or click Test JTAG Chain on the JTAG Chain Integrity tab.

When the Device chain pane is populated, you can activate one or all devices in the chain to run the test on the activated device or devices. To activate a device or all devices in the Device chain pane, the JTAG Chain Debugging tab must be selected.

Tests are run only on activated devices. Devices that are not activated are bypassed during testing.

You can save the contents of the Session log pane to repeat the session in the JTAG Chain Debugging tab, or you can clear the log:
  • To save the log to replay later, right-click anywhere in the Session log pane and select Save Session Log.
  • To clear the log, right-click anywhere in the Session log pane and select Clear Session Log.