Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Standard Edition: Cyclone® V SoC Getting Started Guide

ID 683030
Date 4/20/2022
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2.7.4. Setting Environment Variables and Loading OpenCL Linux Kernel Driver

After you turn on the board and establish terminal connection, log into the Cyclone® V SoC Development Kit as user root with no password. Then, before you run your host application, set the environment variables and load the OpenCL™ Linux kernel driver.
After logging into the SoC FPGA board, run the source ./ command, which performs the following tasks:
  1. Set the PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT environment variables.
  2. Load the OpenCL Linux kernel driver.
The file is available in the SD card image that you write onto the micro SD flash card. It contains the commands shown below:
export INTELFPGAOCLSDKROOT=<aocl_destination_directory>
insmod $AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT/driver/aclsoc_drv.ko

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