Intel® Stratix® 10 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide

ID 683021
Date 11/10/2021

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E.1. Creating the Combined Application Image

The following shows the commands that can be used to create a combined application image for the FPGA first example presented in this document.
mkdir -p images
rm -f images/combined_application.rpd
~/intelFPGA_pro/21.2/nios2eds/ \
quartus_pfg -c hw/ghrd.3/output_files/ghrd_1sx280lu2f50e2vg.sof \
	images/combined_application.rpd \
	-o app_image=hw/ghrd.2/output_files/ghrd_1sx280lu2f50e2vg.sof \
	-o hps_path=u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl-dtb.hex \
	-o app_image_hps_path=u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl-dtb.hex \
	-o mode=ASX4 -o start_address=0x00000 -o bitswap=ON \
	-o rsu_upgrade=ON \
	-o app_image_only=ON -o hps=1

The following decistion firmware update image is created: images/combined_application.rpd.

  • The first SOF file contains the factory image, from which data is taken to fill out the new decision firmware data structure. This includes QSPI clock and pin settings, the value of max_retry parameter, and the selected behavior of the HPS watchdog. The actual configuration data from the SOF file is not used.
  • The app_image parameter contains the SOF that is used for the application image section of the combined image.
  • The hps_path parameter is unused, and may be removed in the future.
  • The app_image_hps_path parameter contains the HPS FSBL hex file to be used for the application imge section of the combined image.
When using HPS first, the additional parameter "-o hps=1" needs to be added, and the following files are created:
  • images/combined_application.hps.rpd - Combined application image
  • images/combined_application.core.rbf - Corresponding fabric configuration file