Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide for Windows* OS

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Date 3/22/2024

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Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide for Windows* OS

Find useful information about using the Intel® MPI Library in the following topics:

Introducing Intel MPI Library gives a general introduction for the Intel MPI Library and its components.

Compiling and Linking

Compiling and Linking provides instructions on compiling and linking MPI applications with the Intel MPI Library in the command line and in Visual Studio*.

You can find information about compilers commands, environment variables, and more in the Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference for Windows* OS.

Running Applications

Running Applications describes how to run MPI and hybrid OpenMP*/MPI programs in the command line and through job schedulers.

Analysis and Tuning

Analysis and Tuning discusses the methods for MPI analysis using the built-in Intel MPI Library features and other analyzing tools.


Troubleshooting provides the troubleshooting steps for some common issues with the Intel MPI Library.

Documentation for Older Versions

Documentation for some older versions of the Intel® MPI Library is available as downloads only.

To download specific versions of prior Intel MPI Library documentation, refer to one of the following locations:

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