Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide for Windows* OS

ID 768730
Date 3/22/2024

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MPI Tuning

Intel® MPI Library provides an Autotuner utility: Autotuner


If an application is spending significant time in MPI collective operations, autotuning might improve its performance. Autotuner is easy-to-use, and its overhead is very low.

The autotuner utility tuning scope is the I_MPI_ADJUST_<opname> family of environment variables, which are MPI collective operation algorithms. Autotuner limits tuning to the current cluster configuration (fabric, number of ranks, number of ranks per node). It works while an application is running, so performance could be potentially improved just by enabling the autotuner. It is also possible to generate new tuning file with MPI collective operations adjusted to application needs, and this file can be further passed to the I_MPI_TUNING_BIN variable.