Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide for Windows* OS

ID 768730
Date 3/22/2024

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Error Message: Too Many Open Files

Error Message

[proxy:0:0@host1] HYD_spawn (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/libhydra/spawn/intel/hydra_spawn.c:57): pipe error (Too many open files)
[proxy:0:0@host1] launch_processes (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/proxy/proxy.c:509): error creating process
[proxy:0:0@host1] main (../../../../../src/pm/i_hydra/proxy/proxy.c:860): error launching_processes


Too many processes per node are launched on Linux* OS.


Specify fewer processes per node by the -ppn option or the I_MPI_PERHOST environment variable.