Intel® Inspector User Guide for Linux* OS

ID 767796
Date 7/13/2023
Document Table of Contents

Toolbar: Intel Inspector

Use to perform key Intel Inspector tasks.

Use This icon

To Do This

Open the Project Navigator, where you can:

  • See a hierarchical view of your projects and results based on the directory where the opened project resides.

  • Perform functions available from the menu and toolbar plus:

    • Delete a selected project or result.

    • Rename a selected project or result.

    • Close all opened results.

    • Copy various directory paths to the system clipboard.

Open the Create a Project dialog box, where you can browse to or create a directory in which the Intel Inspector will create an Intel Inspector project (config.inspxeproj).

Open the Select Project dialog box, where you can browse to and choose a project (config.inspxeproj).

Project Properties icon

Open the Project Properties dialog box, where you can review or change project properties.

Open the Analysis Type window, where you can:

  • Choose and, if necessary, fine-tune a preset or custom analysis type.

  • Start the process of creating a custom analysis type if the combination of analysis type settings in the preset analysis types does not meet your needs.

  • Configure an analysis to investigate issues in an interactive debugging session.

Open the Select Result dialog box, where you can browse to and choose a result (*.inspxe).

Open the Compare Results window, where you can compare two results to identify issues that exist in one but not the other, or that exist in both.

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