Intel® Inspector User Guide for Linux* OS

ID 767796
Date 5/15/2022

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Perform collection without finalizing the result.





auto-finalize - Results are finalized during normal collect and collect-with actions.

Actions Modified

collect, collect-with


Use the no-auto-finalize option to suppress finalization during a collect or collect-with action, so that symbol resolution and suppressions can be performed in a separate step. As the next step, you can be sure to use the finalize action to complete the process, specifying search directories containing the same module binaries used during collection.


The first time an unfinalized result is opened or loaded, the result is automatically finalized. Inspector does not check the validity of the module binaries, so if a result is opened through the GUI, by double-clicking, or if a report is generated without specifying the module binaries, improper finalization may result. Improper finalization may also result if the finalize action is used without specifying the same module binaries that were used to collect the result. For proper finalization, please make sure to use the finalize action and specify the same module binaries that were used to collect the result.


This command:

  • Runs a Detect Deadlocks and Data Races (ti2) analysis on the application myApp.

  • Stores the result in the default r@@@ti2 result directory in the current working directory, where @@@ represents the next available number.

  • Does not complete the finalization process, and does not output a Summary report.

$ inspxe-cl -collect ti2 -no-auto-finalize -- myApp