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Intel® Graphics for Linux* - Programmer's Reference Manuals

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Date 4/12/2022
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2016 Intel® Processors (Formerly Apollo Lake and Broxton)

Intel® HD Graphics Open Source Programmer's Reference Manual for the 2016 Intel Atom® Processors, Intel® Celeron® Processors, and Intel® Pentium® Processors (Formerly Apollo Lake and Broxton)
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Volume 1: Preface 2.46 MB
Volume 2a: Command Reference: Instructions (Command Opcodes) 561.49 KB

Volume 2b: Command Reference: Registers

721.15 KB
Volume 2c: Command Reference: Structures 435.25 KB
Volume 3: Configurations 1.2 MB
Volume 4: Memory Views 1.94 MB
Volume 5: Command Stream Programming 478.25 KB
Volume 6: 3D-Media-GPGPU 5.71 MB
Volume 7: Display 16.93 MB
Volume 8: Workarounds 1.3 MB