Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers User Guide

ID 767266
Date 12/15/2022

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Pause and Resume a Running Application

When running the application with the System Analyzer HUD or System Analyzer, use the Ctrl+Shift+P keyboard shortcut to pause and resume your graphics application.

While capturing a frame or trace file (by default Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+T respectively) in the pause mode, you will see no visual indication that the capture was successfully completed. Resume your application with the Ctrl+Shift+P keyboard shortcut to see the indication.

(Windows* only) On some systems, resume attempts may take about five seconds. This issue occurs only if the analyzing application uses a keyboard hook procedure of the type WH_KEYBOARD_LL, and the registry key LowLevelHooksTimeout is set to a larger value than the default (300 ms). You may regularly use Pause/Resume and resuming may take longer than you are comfortable with. In this case, use a registry editor such as RegEdit to modify the value of this registry key back to the default value of 300 ms.