Edge Insights for Vision

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Date 9/07/2022

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Install Edge Insights for Vision

During the installation, you will be prompted to enter your product key. This key is in the email you received from the Intel® Registration Center. Contact Support Forum if you do not have this email message.

The steps below explain how to:

  • Download the Edge Insights for Vision package.

  • Prepare your target system.

  • Copy the package.

  • Complete the installation steps.

Step 1: Download the Package

Download the Edge Insights for Vision package by selecting the Linux* operating system in the Target System OS selector. The download file name is edge_insights_vision.zip


Save the email message you get when you download the package. Keep this message safe! This message includes a product key that is required to complete the installation. If you do not get the email message, use the Support Forum.

Step 2: Prepare the Target System

Make sure your target system has a fresh installation of Ubuntu*/CentOS*/RHEL* that corresponds to the version of Edge Insights for Vision that you downloaded. If you need help installing Ubuntu*/CentOS*/RHEL*, follow these steps:

  1. Download one of the following files to your developer workstation:

  2. Create a bootable flash drive using an imaging application, such as Startup Disk Creator, available on target system.

  3. After flashing the USB drive, power off your target system, insert the USB drive, and power on the target system.

    If the target system doesn't boot from the USB drive, change the boot priority in the system BIOS.

  4. Follow the prompts to install Ubuntu*/CentOS*/RHEL* with the default configurations. For detailed instructions, see the Ubuntu guide or RHEL guide.

  5. Power down your target system and remove the USB drive.

  6. Power up the target system. You will see Ubuntu*/CentOS*/RHEL* is successfully installed.

  7. If you are using 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, then you need to update the kernel firmware.

    1. Browse to: https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.17.15/ and download the following packages:



    2. Install the packages with the command:

      sudo apt install ./linux-image-unsigned-5.17.15-051715-generic_5.17.15-051715.202206141358_amd64.deb ./linux-modules-5.17.15-051715-generic_5.17.15-051715.202206141358_amd64.deb

Prerequisites for RHEL*

You must make the following settings before you install RHEL*, otherwise the yum install of some of the packages will fail.

  1. Make sure to download the ISO image in step 1 by registering through developers.redhat.com. You must add the same user details in System Registration during first boot through the GUI or through the subscription-manager CLI.

  2. Make sure the commands sudo yum update and sudo yum install <any_package> work. If the commands fail, make sure to set enabled option to 0 in the /etc/yum.repos.d/endpoint.repo file.

Step 3: Copy the Edge Insights for Vision .zip File to the Target System

In this step, you copy Edge Insights for Vision to your target system.

  1. Copy edge_insights_vision.zip from the developer workstation to the Home directory on your target system. You can use a USB flash drive to copy the file. The icon looks like this:

Step 4: Extract the Edge Insights for Vision Software

In this step you extract edge_insights_vision.zip. You need to be on the target system to complete these steps.

  1. Make sure you have a working Internet connection.

  2. Open a new terminal.

  3. Extract the package:

    unzip edge_insights_vision.zip

    If you download the file more than once, each download beyond the first is appended by a number.

  4. (Optional) Use the link in the readme file to open this Get Started Guide on the target system for an easy way to copy and paste commands.

Step 5: Install the Edge Insights for Vision Software

You will now run a script that will download components and install Edge Insights for Vision on your target system.

The software installation will take 1 to 2 hours. The completion time depends on your target system and Internet connection.

During the installation, pip and apt packages, as well as code from Git repositories, is downloaded from the Internet. If you are in a region that has access restrictions, you will be prompted to provide alternate download URLs.

  1. Run these commands:

    cd edge_insights_vision/
    chmod 775 edgesoftware
    ./edgesoftware install

  2. Type the product key at the prompt:

Based on components selected and system configuration, you might be prompted for additional actions. For example, if your system is behind a proxy, you are asked to enter proxy settings.

When the installation is complete, you see the message Installation of package complete and the installation status for each module.

To confirm your installation was successful and for a quick look at how it works, use the Introduction to the Edge Software Command Line Interface.