Intel® Cluster Checker User Guide

ID 772051
Date 12/06/2022

Intel ® Cluster Checker User Guide

Intel® Cluster Checker verifies the configuration and performance of Linux* OS-based clusters. Anomalies and performance differences can be identified and practical resolutions provided.

Intel® Cluster Checker is designed for many different user scenarios; from a systems integrator to check a cluster for issues prior to it shipping, to administrators looking to perform daily, weekly or problem troubleshooting checks, to independent software vendors using Cluster Checker to assist in diagnosing support calls and even end-user who can utilize Cluster Checker to validate a set of nodes prior to launching a workload on a cluster.

Deprecation Notice

Intel® Cluster Checker is now deprecated and will be discontinued in a future release. Until then, stability improvements will continue but no further functionality nor hardware support will be added.

For more details, see the FAQ section of the User Guide.