The Intel® C++ Compiler has been a leading developer go-to for CPUs since 2003.

But what about other architecture targets such as GPUs and FPGAs? You can use the Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler, the next generation of compiler technology that enables and streamlines development for CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

This session introduces the LLVM*-based compiler that not only can be used for both CPUs and GPUs, but it is also capable of OpenMP* offload support.

This session covers:

  • An introduction to Intel® compilers and their differences, including Intel® C++ Compiler Classic and Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler
  • How to transition from Intel C++ Compiler to Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler and why you should
  • Hands-on demonstration of how to use Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler to optimize performance

Additional Resource

Porting Guide for Intel C++ Compiler Users to Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler

Featured Software

Download the stand-alone version of the Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler or as part of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit—a core set of tools and libraries for developing high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures.



Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler

Compile ISO C++, Khronos SYCL*, and DPC++ source code across CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. Part of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit.

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